Rank and Status in Polynesia and Melanesia
Essays in honor of professor Douglas Oliver Douglas L. Oliver Publications
Archaeology and the Origins of Social Stratification in Southern Bougainville
John Terrell p. 23-43 TEXT BIBLIOGRAPHY NOTES AUTHORILLUSTRATIONS FULL TEXT Source: http://books.openedition.org One of the
Filipinos, Colonial Mentality, and Mental Health
A psychological approach to exploring the effects of colonialism among
Democracy, custom and the Melanesian Way
By Susan Merrell, http://www.pngecho.com/ Is there a democratic Papua New Guinean
Tribal Democracy (Tribal jirga, Afghanistan)
By Bilal AhmedPosted on 18 November 2013Posted in Asia, Politics I was speaking to
The World Until Yesterday by Jared Diamond – review
Should we look to traditional societies to help us tweak
The World Until Yesterday by Jared Diamond: review
Tom Payne is riveted by a thought-provoking study of peoples
The Slave Mentality
June 15, 2010, By Kevin Jackson When slavery is implemented by