West Papua’s Black Brothers in POM For Independence Concert
Black Brothers took a photo session with Governor of NCD, Powes Parkop - PNG Lopp
Black Brothers took a photo session with Governor of NCD, Powes Parkop – PNG Lopp
Port Moresby, Jubi – Legendary band from West Papua the Black Brothers are in Port Moresby to help celebrate Papua New Guinea’s 41st Anniversary.
The group will be performing on Independence Day at the Sir John Guise Stadium. Black Brothers are an eclectic band that was the most popular musical group in PNG during the 1980s. The reggae influences of the Black Brothers influenced various other musical groups in PNG. The original band was founded by manager Andy Ayamiseba, with members including Hengky Sumanti Miratoneng (vocals, guitar), Benny Bettay (bass), August Rumwaropen (lead guitar, vocals), Stevy Mambor (vocals, drums), Willem Ayamiseba (percussion) and Amri Kahar (trumpet). The 16 member band that is here in PNG to perform includes three original members and the Black Sisters. Two of the original members August and Sumanti have died while Stevy Mambor couldn’t make the tour due to health reasons. The Black Sisters Petronela, Rosalie and Lea Rumwaropen are daughters of late August Rumwaropen and they’ll be performing alongside their uncles. Black Brothers are known for hit songs back in the 1980s including Apuse, Permata Hatiku, Hari Kiamat, Terjalin Kembali, kerongcong kenangan, Anita and Wan Pela Meri. Their music, sung in Tok Pisin, and originally in Bahasa Indonesia included influences from reggae and political elements inspired by the Black Power movement. NCD Governor Powes Parkop said it’s a privilege to have the Black Brothers back in PNG to perform after 28 years. Parkop welcomed the group back to PNG and said it’s a pleasure to have them back in Moresby to celebrate 41 years of Independence with us. He has  extended an invitation for the fans of Black Brothers and the young generation to come out and support the group. Tickets are selling for K5 outer stands and K30 grandstand available at CHM Vision City and Tabari Place. Gates open at 4.30pm and the show starts at 6.30pm. (PNG Loop)

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