Be Your Own Teacher & Healer

by Associate Instructor: Wimagan Wiwa Wewo

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UHTS is A Tao System

My Grand Master Mantak Chia Developed the UHTS System for longevity and healing purposes.

The Theme is: Good Air, Good Food, Love and Good Life.

UHTS Focus on Practices

UHTS emphasizes practices of meditation, movements and fusions of elements; 

UHTS is AIMED at Healing

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Based on my Offline and Online learning, I have initiated a platform to sever my Melanesian people with basic skills and practices to promote peace and love inside every person across the archipelago.
My aim is to train as many Melanesians as possible in order that at the end of this life we have performed what Bernard Narokobi has put it rightly, "The Melanesian Way is Welcome Birth, Live Well, Love Well, Have Something Good for Every Person and Die a Happy Death!"
BASED In Port Moresby and Port Vila

Wewo Kotokay is so far the first and the only UHTS Practitioner from and in Melanesia today (since 2017-2021)

He has been an Associate Instructor for UHTS, Teaching the Basics of UHTS namely: Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds and Fusions of Five Elements.

With Wewo Kotokay you will learn to develop the capacity of living yourself and loving others in full capacity. Not like pure Taoist system, Kotokay developed Melanesian aspect of Love and Care with social and environmental contexts that makes it possible for you to experience the Melanesian style of medication, fusions of elements and cultivating love.
Learn breathing in right way through "Breath of Bliss"

I also combine my UHTS system with Breathwork practicies, particularly the "Breath of Bliss Modality" developed by my teaher and trainer, Cristobel Zamor. 

BoB consists of conscious breathing, movements and sounds, where the inhale and exhale of breath happens on equal lengths and there is no pausing between inhale and exhale.

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I teach breathwork alone and with my colleagues arund the world. My particular focus in on leaving traditional dances, calling of beings into the ceremony, and prayers for the ceremony..